That whole thing about ghosts?

False alarm. I don't feel like doing it any more.

If I'm in a writing mood, I might do another movie review or something.

Oh, and the Jules Verne thing a couple posts below? Turns out there are abridged versions of his stories, published by Vintage. I saw the whole paragraph I painstakingly typed out in full reduced to a mere sentence: "For centuries explorers have attempted to reach the South Pole...". Now I feel cheated, going through such laborious text, more like documentation, lists upon lists of fish and underwater life I never cared about, all the minute technical details which I couldn't even follow, and all the other fat which could have been cut out to make a good read, not just by today's standards (it's not like I haven't read plenty of 19th century literature), and all of a sudden, there are versions available that actually do cut out all the fat! If I ever plan on reading his other books, I kind of feel obligated to find the Collins editions that retain the text complete and unabridged. It's a slog, yes, but at least I'm not being cheated.

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