I should pay more attention to this!

Aarg! I'm busy. For my next post I need to gather specific screenshots and examples for what I'm trying to talk about. I might end up doing some non-image posts but then you're just subjected to my opinion without evidence and I don't want that!

I also want to mention this next paragraph just to get it out of the way, but I might be repeating it later anyway.

One purpose of this blog is to challenge myself as an animator. I'm not a professional artist and I currently don't work in a studio so there is no means of me posting my works in progress (for I have no current works to work on). So right now I'm in the "finding my grounds" stage which is probably the most fun stage of life to be in, before your soul gets drained from turning your art into a job.

But it would be a miracle for me to get anything done. I have a full-time job where I move around boxes and I get home feeling too lethargic and sleepy to do anything. I get paid on a monthly basis which is incompatible with my budgeting expertise (which means I spend it all on the day I get paid), but hopefully that will change soon to weekly payment. Once that happens I can then buy little packets of miracles which is also known as CAFFIENE, and spend my nights relentlessly drawing and my days relentlessly moving boxes.