I get lots of cool ideas, but when the opportunity comes to write them down it never crosses my mind and I'm sidetracked ALL the time. I might as well do it here right now while I have blogger open.

Firstly, before I get to the game, I should mention one idea that's been brewing lately: Tap-Dancing Metal. If done right and taken seriously enough it would be brutal as hell! Just think about the blistering-fast tempos!

I guess the world isn't ready for it yet. Oh well, back to the game.

I won't go into the details of the inspiration behind this, I'll just start right off the bat with the premise.

I call it "Roleplay Overlord". You begin with your character (I'm thinking you customise their look) with enough money to buy 1 of 3 different RPG's from the video-game store. In the start there are a total of 5 RPG's you can buy but you'll have to save up enough money to get them all. To make money you have to play your RPG (a game within the game) until you build your characters strong enough to enter tournaments (kind of like Golden-Sun battles or like Pokemon battles), which start off as local tournaments (a prize might be another RPG game), city-wide tournaments, state-wide tournaments, country-wide tournaments then you get accepted in the world-wide tournaments. For those tournaments you need to make enough money to buy a 2-way ticket, and if you lose the tournament you don't get your money back so you better be really good at your RPG! Once you become the world champion, you get an e-mail inviting you to the underground high-stakes tournament where it's REALLY difficult and expensive but you get A LOT of money if you win.

Now, these 5 RPG's are all different and equally rich in depth as each other (maybe the more expensive ones have more depth), you carry around a save-card that holds your character data to take into the tournaments. There are particular secret bonuses and items that can cross over the RPG's for extra advantages, so keep that in mind. When you have mastered all 5 RPG's you will unlock the 6th RPG, which is a game where your character has enough money to buy 1 of 3 RPGs in the video-game store, but in this game (within the game) there is only a total of 3, but over-all it works the same as the main game described in the above paragraph, not to mention there are items and bonuses can carry over to the original 5 RPG's. These 3 RPG's should have simpler graphics, all in 2D and 16-bit colour pixels which will make them distinct, but they still are rich in depth as the original 5 RPG's in the main game.

Now, beating those 3 RPG's within the game within the game, you unlock a 4th RPG, except it doesn't start with you buying RPGs and entering them in tournaments, it's just another typical fantasy RPG but it's REALLY HARD, you're expected to grind for HOURS before you can move to the next area and there are confusing mazes that require you to draw your own maps, and all the items are really expensive so you have to grind even more. The bosses are next to impossible and they kill you every time, unless you grind for DAYS or WEEKS and if you beat the bosses then you get super secret special items that can carry over into the previous 3 RPG's and even the main 5 RPG's. There is a special place in this ultra-hard 4th RPG where you will get the opportunity to play a simple text-based RPG, so now we have a game within a game within a game within a game and this is the ULTIMATE challenge, because it's REALLY SUPER HARD and there are barely any graphics, just large 8-bit pixels of a guy reading a page (he's kind of like the "Dungeon Master" of a D&D game) and occasionally your dice rolls. It would be a good idea in the "4th RPG" you're playing to collect as many dice as you can to give yourself the upper hand in luck. In the ultimate text-based RPG is where you find the real beneficial bonuses that will make you near-unstoppable in the other 3 RPG's or the main 5, but not so much in the underground high-stakes challenge where most players will probably have these items anyway.

In summary, here's the hierarchy:

. . . . |
. . . . |
RPG1--RPG2--RPG3 -(RPG4) -(RPG5) ((RPG6))
. . . . . . . _____________________|
. . . . . . . |
(rpg4)- rpg1-rpg2-rpg3
. . . |
. . . |
text based RPG

The idea is that this game is to be the most time consuming game ever made. Ever.


Come to my house on the night of nth of m, 20xx and we will watch the following:
From Dusk Till Dawn
Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind
Good Night And Good Luck
Syriana (optional)

See you there or maybe not!

Video Game reviews.

Even though I have a full-time job, this doesn't mean I can't spend late nights enjoying emersive video games. Here are a few reviews for recent ones I picked up:


This game is really good and found myself playing it up until the point I stopped playing it, then I found I haven't played it since then. I do hope to pick it up again soon!


Here are a couple more games:

DOKIDOKI (heartbeat?) MAJO (witch) SHINPAN (hunt-down) DUO (2)

I don't know what it is with the Japanese and their witches but they seem to really like witches, especially cute little girl ones or sexy ones that aren't really witches by definition and don't do anything witch-like, and ones that attend middle-school and worry about un-witchly things like romance with a boy who has no personality and looks really creepy when you rarely see them. I think the Japanese have done as much research on witches as they have done on chimeras, behemoths and the laws of physics.

But as for this game, you'd only appreciate it if you're a pervert, and even then you'd have to be dedicated enough to beat this game without knowing how to read walls of Japanese text (pro tip: hold down the Y button to zip through the text). I've beaten this game twice.


So here we have more Japanese witchery (the girl in the foreground of the above image). Here is a game that I have been obsessed by for the past few weeks - and I don't even like Golf! I must say the concept of "fantasy golf" is more appealing than "EA Sports Tiger Woods Generic Golf Game Two Million Seven Hundred And Ninety Six Thousand Four Hundred And Eighty Eight This Time With High Definition Grass Texture!". But why am I so obsessed with Pangya!?

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a gross fascination, shall I say "fetish", with the concept of dress-up games. I never played with dolls, but somehow I feel I've missed out on so much enjoyment when it comes to dressing up characters in little cute costumes, then throwing them out into the world and make them do things. This game gives me the pleasure of dressing-up, but at a price. The game is incredibly slow-paced, the costumes are incredibly expensive and what's worse is that I have to play freakin' GOLF to make my money! ("pang" as it's called in this game). AND LOTS OF IT.

When I unlocked the final character, Kaz, who is a really cool demon-looking boy with sharp hair and sharp eyes with razor sharp dress-sense, the game got pretty interesting. But I've reached my thresh-hold, I'm now playing against perfect calculators with little margin of error. No matter which way or how strong the wind blows, no matter what ground the ball is on, no matter what club is used, the ball will perfectly go straight towards the hole in god-like shortcuts that I've broken my knuckles punching walls from frustration in trying to replicate. I've reached my thresh hold in sheer frustration and I doubt the rest of the costumes are worth unlocking anyway.

I see that there has been a sequel released in the US and I really want to play it!