My Favourite Quote From S.NY.

There is a part in Synecdoche New York, which I must emphasise how I've previously mentioned is a film that observes itself from beyond the 4th wall, where Caden Cotard is walking home with his wife, his wife's friend and his mother and father after a viewing of his latest theatre production, "Death of a Salesman" - the twist being all its actors comprise of young people playing old characters ("It was a choice, Dad" Cotard explains, "I'll explain later.") - and yet his wife is lauding him about working on pre-sourced material, that any personal connection will always be eluded until he can work on something of his own creation. He defends himself by saying "people are walking out of the theatre, crying!" to which his wife deflates all his ego flat with the ultimate retort:
"Great! You're a fucking tool of suburban blue-haired regional theatre subscribers."

From this quote I realise, myself, even considering the fact I am watching this movie, that I am indeed a blue-haired film buff. The common analogy is to refer to a true jazz enthusiast, the kind of person who's experienced a life of music that abides by the formulae, who have also dedicated themselves in understanding the concept of music (or music theory), and now desires to transcend the repetitious formula-driven melodies the mainstream readily has on offer and to discover a challenge! To learn of the art of a master musician who has already devoted their life to the "rules" and to challenge themselves - and their listeners - by breaking them. This is how I define "blue-haired". To me it's more rewarding to watch a film by Charlie Kaufman, Jim Jarmusch, Michael Haneke, The Coen Brothers or Richard Linklater than it is to watch a film by James Cameron, Stephen Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Peter Jackson, (heck I'll throw in Christopher Nolan as well for elitist satisfaction) and others who play it "safe" and make the most money for it. That does not make me any more of an intellectual than the average die-hard Avatar fan, it only means my hair has turned blue and I spend more time analysing and deconstructing films than I do with developing my social-life. If it just so happens that I am more intelligent, it's probably due to my genetics and nothing to do with my taste in the arts whatsoever.

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